Extraordinary Meridians!

British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

13-15 September 2019
De Vere Staverton Estate,

Karl Zippelius

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Muscle aches: causes, types and TCM treatment

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Workshop description

Dr Zippelius will give a short introduction to the basic principles of the physiology and pathology of locomotor system according to TCM.

In order to make a differentiated diagnosis of muscle aches it is necessary to reflect on the role of qi stagnation/blood stasis and obstruction of meridians, externally and internally contracted pathogenic factors, and the organ-meridian relationship. Participants will also learn to clinically examine and diagnose specific muscle conditions.

Dr Zippelius will cover inflammatory muscle aches, for example fibromyalgia (FM), considering western differentiation and diagnostics, and will give examples of individualised TCM treatment strategies incorporating these diagnostic tools. He will also share an integrative treatment protocol combining acupuncture with internal and external application of Chinese herbs and specific tuina hand techniques.

Speaker biography

Dr Karl Zippelius specialises in sports medicine and offers TCM to professional athletes at the Austrian Institute for Sports Medicine (ÖISM). He is part of the medical team of the Sportmedic Clinic in Wien, where he collaborates with the Austrian national ski team, to integrate surgery and TCM for a better treatment of cruciate ligament injuries. He also operates a private practice in Florence, with a focus on TCM traumatology and orthopaedics.

After obtaining his degree in medicine at Munich and Berlin, Dr Zippelius studied TCM at the Schule Ost des Arbeitskreises für TCM in Berlin, as well as at the TCM university in Chengdu, China. He continued his training in Chinese orthopaedics and traumatology at the Orthopedic Military Hospital of Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Tianxiang TCM Orthopedic Hospital and the Chengdu Sports University. Since 2006 Dr Zippelius has taught Chinese medicine at the University of Florence. He has published several papers for Elsevier, Springer and Müller Steinicke. He is also a classical music enthusiast and studied the violin at the Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini in Florence, Italy. He has played the violin with the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO) since 2010.

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