Extraordinary Meridians!

British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

13-15 September 2019
De Vere Staverton Estate,

Master Wu

Workshop title

The great medicine of harmony: Daoist numerological five elements in classical Chinese medicine 

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Workshop description

知其道者 灋於陰陽 和於術數

‘One understands the Dao, skills from the YinYang principle, 

generates harmony from the Numerological art’

Chapter one, HuangDiNeiJing黃帝內經

HeFa 和灋, the method of harmony is the clinical spirit of classical Chinese medicine, which is based on the Daoist numerology. This Moon Festival [conference] weekend represents great harmony in the Chinese tradition, and especially the fifteenth day of the ninth solar month, as the number fifteen stands for harmony in Daoism.

Master Wu will share:

  • the ancient concept of medicine and the harmony
  • Daoist five elements numerology and hetu 河圖
  • harmonious qi and loshu洛書
  • the number fifteen and the yinyang陰陽 wuxing五行 harmony
  • clinical guidance of the digital method of harmony

Speaker biography

Master Zhongxian Wu, a lifelong Daoist practitioner, is the lineage holder of four different schools of qigong and martial arts. Since 1988, Master Wu has instructed thousands of students, both eastern and western, in his unique and professionally designed courses and training programmes. He is author of twelve books (five in Chinese), with his thirteenth book due to be published in August 2019, all on Chinese wisdom traditions. He and his wife, Dr Karin Taylor Wu, founded Blue Willow World Healing Center and QinJian Akademin to preserve and promote the classical Chinese arts throughout Europe, North America and China. For more information, please visit www.masterwu.net

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