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British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

13-15 September 2019
De Vere Staverton Estate,

Marian Fixler

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Treating through the different stages of life: how do we adjust what we do?

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At different stages of life our needs change and as practitioners our skill is to be able to respond appropriately to our patients to ensure that our treatments are as effective as possible in any given situation.

Marian will be focusing on a topic that is not much discussed in acupuncture, though of course, very relevant in herbal medicine – namely dosage of treatment. This is an area that is given much attention in the systems of Japanese acupuncture she is most familiar with – shonishin paediatric acupuncture, toyohari meridian therapy and Dr Manaka’s yin yang balancing system.

She will be focusing on how we adjust our treatments during certain stages of life – newborns, children, teenagers, women trying to conceive, pregnancy, menopause, and the elderly. Dosage of treatment is of course also an important factor to consider when treating any condition whether acute or chronic. Marian will use a particular model devised by Dr Manaka, for helping to assess how much treatment our patients can tolerate, and how this can help us to adjust what we do. Though she will be drawing on her experience of the Japanese acupuncture systems mentioned above, this model can be applied to any system of acupuncture.

Speaker biography

Having lived and studied shiatsu in Japan, Marian returned to study acupuncture in the UK and qualified in 1991, followed by intensive clinical training in Nanjing, China. Originally trained in TCM, she has practised Japanese acupuncture since 1998, training in the UK, the Netherlands and Japan. For many years she taught at the University of Westminster as a senior lecturer. She is a faculty member of the European Branch of the Toyohari Association and teaches on the one-year Japanese acupuncture program in Amsterdam and the UK. She also organises and teach post-graduation courses and for many years was president of the UK branch of the Toyohari Association.

Marian’s previous clinical experience includes working in a busy GP inner London practice on the NHS, and in the field of HIV. She currently runs two practices in London. She works extensively with fertility issues and obstetrics as well as treating a broad range of other conditions. She also practises shonishin (Japanese paediatric acupuncture). She is a member of the Acupuncture Childbirth Team (London) and served on the Steering Committee for many years. 

Marian has published numerous articles and conducted research projects which have been published in professional journals. She has also presented papers at the BAcC’s ARRC Symposium and at previous BAcC conferences.

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