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British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

13-15 September 2019
De Vere Staverton Estate,

Fokke Jonkman

Workshop title

Acupuncture in changing paradigms in cardiology

Workshop times

Saturday 14.30-18.00

Workshop description

In 2001 Fokke Jonkman successfully started treating patients with non-cardiac chest pain. In the following years the indications for acupuncture extended from complaints without cardiac substrate to additional treatment in patients with specific cardiac diseases.

In this lecture Fokke will discuss the changing landscape in cardiology, with reflective awareness, shifting attention from the possibilities of modern techniques and medications, which cost a lot of money and often show side effects, to more emphasis on the lifestyle of patients. This change in mindset is seen in atrial fibrillation, which is increasingly approached as a lifestyle issue: the left atrium as window on the world. He will also discuss the emergence of new disease patterns, for example causes of heart disease in women, and the role of inflammation in cardiac disease. The possibilities of acupuncture treatment in modern cardiology will also be discussed together with some presentation of clinical cases.

Speaker biography

Fokke specialised as a cardiologist after a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology and studied acupuncture in the Netherlands with an internship in China. In the 90s he was cardiologist in the Thorax Centre of the Academic Hospital in Rotterdam (heart failure research and heart transplantations). As a medical acupuncturist he has a combined cardiologic and acupuncture out-patient clinic. He is a specialist in cardio-acupuncture and treats acute and chronic pain and psycho-emotional issues.

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