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British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

22-24 September 2017
Wokefield Park, Reading

Philip Weeks

Workshop title

Using Bleeding Technique within Chinese Medicine

Workshop times

Sunday 1000 - 1100

Workshop description

A major part of traditional acupuncture is the use of specialised needles to elicit a few drops of blood, which can have a profound effect on the way the body functions.
It is arguably one of the most powerful treatment methods that can be applied in Chinese Medicine.  Bleeding is a major component of Master Tung Acupuncture, known for bringing about rapid and often permanent therapeutic results.  Philip will discuss:

  • Theories of Master Tung bleeding techniques
  • Some of the applications according to the classics.
  • When bleeding is appropriate, as opposed to acupuncture and when to use it.

He will also give a demonstration of the Master Tung bleeding technique.

Speaker biography

Philip Weeks is one of the leading teachers of Master Tung style acupuncture.  He is a Master Herbalist and Naturopath and originally studied acupuncture at CICM.  He is currently completing a Masters in Nutritional therapy. He teaches advanced Chinese Medicine approaches internationally including Master Tung bleeding technique, flying needle and Gua Sha.  He also lectures for the Western A. Price nutritional foundation.

He is the author of two books published by Singing Dragon, ‘Make yourself better’ and ‘Painful bladder syndrome’. He has been in full time practice for 18 years. His clinic is located in Marylebone, Central London.

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