Gate of Life

British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

21-23 September 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton,

Speakers 2018

Causes, diagnosis and treatment of teenage anxiety and depression: an epidemic of our times

Sunday 09.00-11.00

The Great Intent

Sunday 09.00-09.45

Acupuncture for stroke: a treatment manual for research and practice

Saturday 14.30-18.00

Acupuncture treatment protocols: are they complete rubbish?

Sunday 10.00-11.00

The 12 steps of recovery: how working the steps can transform you and your acupuncture practice.

Sunday 11.30 13.00

Introducing a novel intervention into the NHS: observations and lessons learned from a feasibility study into the use of self-administered moxa on St 36 by chemotherapy patients

Sunday 10.00-11.00

Slow deep breathing - a powerful tool to support practitioner wellbeing and patient healing

Saturday 10.00-11.00

The eight elements of professional conduct

Friday 17.30-18.00

Point-energetic aspects of chong mai

Sunday 11.30-16.00

Constitutional and Conditional acupuncture; treating both root and branch

Sunday 11.30-16.00

Treating the Adrenal Glands using Japanese acupuncture

Sunday 09.00-11.00

Mindfulness and compassion for acupuncturists

Saturday 14.30-16.00

Reading the face accurately by reading ‘parts’ noticing ‘leaks’ and ‘chronics’

Saturday 11.30-13.00

The triple heater and its relationship to the fire of the gate of life

Sunday 09.00-09.45

Treating emotional trauma with Chinese medicine

Saturday 10.00-13.00

Acupuncture in changing paradigms in cardiology

Saturday 14.30-18.00

Supporting endometriosis and related conditions with acupuncture and TCM

Saturday 14.30-18.00

The magic of treating veterans with PTSD

Saturday 16.30-18.00

Acupuncture in the community
NADA clinics from the Al Manaar Mosque, Kensington, in collaboration with World Medicine
Acupuncture in the rural community, Gujarat province, India: World Medicine Charity UK

Saturday 10.00-11.00

Shen: contemporary practice and classical texts

Sunday 11.30-16.00

Teenage and menopause: crisis or opportunity?

Saturday 11.30-13.00

What are the most common adverse incidents, how do we avoid them and how do we deal with them?

Friday 16.45-17.30

Who's minding the kids?

Sunday 14.30-16.00

Red flag roulette

Friday 16.00-16.45

The magical point combination for insomnia

Saturday 10.00-13.00

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